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Camping Le Bontemps - mobile homes & cottages
Camping le bontemps
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"Anis" mobil home

"Mélèze" mobil home

Chalet "Amande"

"Chartreuse-luxery" mobil home

"Tileul-luxery" mobil home

Holiday "Zen " at Camping Le Bontemps


Our  mobile homes are tastefully decorated  with warm soothing tones, the are well-insulated and equipped with electric radiators - perfect for occasional chillier evenings in low season.


"Pin" mobil home:  3 bedrooms, 31 m2 for 4 adults and 2 children


"Anis" mobil home: 2 bedrooms, 24 m2 for 4 persons


"Meleze" mobil home: 1 bedroom, 20 m2 for 2 persons


"Amande" chalet 35m2  especially adapted for wheelchairs!!! 2 bedrooms for a familly till 5 people


"Chartreus-luxery" new mobil home (2017) 3 bedrooms, 33m2 with dishwasser and extra big terace


"tilleul-luxery" new mobil home (2017) 2 bedrooms, 29m2 with dishwasser, cellar and big terace


Rental is from 4 pm on arrival day until 10am on departure day.


 Animals are not allowed in our rentals